The high and new activities group of the CPPCC carried out the activities of "' government 'loving students and' cooperation 'realizing dreams.

来源:   时间: 2024-06-20 15:48
  On June 20, in order to better lead the CPPCC members to reflect their new responsibilities, show new actions, and gather new forces, the CPPCC High-tech activity Group jointly carried out the "' government 'love student aid and' cooperation 'to realize dreams" activity with Jilin Songhuajiang Middle School。Sun Yan, deputy director of the Party and Mass Office of Jilin High-tech Zone, Liu Hui, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the office of Gaoxin Street, Dong Shuangfeng, principal of Jilin Songhuajiang Middle School, and members of the high-tech activities Group of the CPPCC participated in the activity。
  Activity site, CPPCC high-tech activity group8Total donations from members8000元,为12The Grade three students, who are about to take the high school entrance examination, were sent a grant。The committee members had face-to-face exchanges with the students in study and life。
  In his speech, Sun Yan gave encouragement and hope to the students, hoping that the students can turn their care and love into practical actions to study harder, study hard, create hope, realize their dreams, get good results in the entrance examination, and grow up as soon as possible。I would like to thank the CPPCC members who are concerned about education, and I hope that we can continue to work hard, live up to our responsibilities, and forge ahead to truly ensure that the CPPCC has a responsibility and its members have a role to play。
  Wu Di, head of the High and New Activities Group of the CPPCC, sent blessings and hopes to the students,We should cherish the hard-won learning opportunities,Chasing dreams in the face of adversity;We should transform the love from all walks of life into the inner motivation for diligent study and assiduous study.We should return to society with excellent study, sunny attitude and positive life,Return home。
  In his speech, the student representatives expressed their gratitude to the High and New Activities Group of the CPPCC, and said that they would cherish the opportunity to study hard and live up to the expectations of the members。
  Jilin Songhuajiang middle School first grade part of teachers and students300Others participate in activities。(High and New Activities Group of CPPCC)